Wedding Trends - The Spirit of Individualism

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Wedding Trends - The Spirit of Individualism

As the peak wedding season is upon us, we are looking at what is trending this year. Mixing tradition with individualism is inspiring many couples to display their personalities and tastes in the details of their big day. Couples are infusing their ceremonies and receptions with a personality all their own. Details that reflect the couple and their tastes are turning out weddings that feel truly personal and unique. Without further ado, here is the first installment of current trends we have our eye on for this year's wedding season.

The Look

British Invasion  The popular obsession with everything British inspires details that bring to mind afternoon tea and garden parties. A light, whimsy decor is punctuated by lush garlands and suspended centerpieces. Dining al fresco on tables adorned with a vintage lace cloth or simply left uncovered is a popular choice for this look.
Sleek, Modern, Luxe  At the other end of the spectrum is a modern, sleek look that whispers sophisticated romance. Those who gravitate toward sleek sophistication choose geometric place settings, monogrammed napkins, sculpted floral arrangements and clean color palettes with bold accents (think varying shades of white or ivory with bursts of regal purple or poppy red).
Grand Eclectic Elegance  We're talking grand with a capital G. We are seeing a resurgence of classic elegance and grandeur with an element of eclecticism. Formal tablescapes, butler service, candelabras, dramatic cakes, lavish fabrics and formal floral arrangements are bringing a traditional, grand wedding back into popularity. This formal elegance is paired with an eclectic twist such as taking the formal affair outside for a twilight party, replacing centerpieces with champagne towers or having an ice cream truck show up outside for a midnight snack for your guests.

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