Hello! We are so glad you are here! We always like to know who is behind the companies we interact with, so let us introduce ourselves. We are Lucio and Jody Battisti, husband and wife, parents to our son, Dino, daughter, Giada, three dogs, a cat and more chickens than we can count. Our most commonly asked question is "how do you pronounce Lucio?" It's LOO-cho.

We've been in the jewelry industry designing, manufacturing and repairing for over 25 years. We've seen a lot and learned so much from all of our hands-on experiences. Our business has evolved into specializing in custom jewelry. Our expertise at the bench enables us to create custom pieces that deliver the most well-thought out, well-made jewelry you could ask for.

We also do jewelry repair, so we see our fair share of poorly crafted jewelry that doesn't stand the test of time and we understand very well how daily wear and tear affects your jewelry. We craft our pieces to maximize longevity and functionality for you. Simply put, we know what works and what doesn't. We want everyone to have access to quality custom jewelry and a personalized experience when shopping for and selecting a diamond. We make this process easy and stress-free for you.

The craftsmanship that is behind each piece we create is of the finest caliber and it is all proudly made in the USA. We understand your custom jewelry is an important part of your life’s journey and we are honored to be a part of it. 

All of our work is done on the premises and our services include custom made bridal and fine jewelry, jewelry repair, laser welding, stone setting, stone replacement, remounts, jewelry appraisals, estate purchasing, watch battery replacement and pretty much any other jewelry related service you may need.

Lucio and Jody Battisti, Owners of Battisti Jewelers