Custom Bridal Jewelry

All Battisti Jewelers’ engagement and wedding jewelry is custom made and tailored exactly to your specifications. From endless diamond and gemstone options, to the size, number and arrangement of stones, type of metal and style of the design, there are infinite options.

With three simple steps our design process is straightforward and easy. See below for information on how the process works and to browse our gallery for inspiration. You may also simply request a quote and upload your own images and sketches to get started. See below to learn more and submit your information, ideas and/or questions.

Custom bridal jewelry from Battisti Jewelers
Step 1 Custom Engagement Rings

Information gathering

Check out our selection of inspiring products and/or use your own ideas or images. Fill out our inquiry form and feel free to include images. We will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your ideas and options.

Choose the perfect diamond for your custom engagement rings from Battisti Jewelers
Step 2 Custom Engagement Rings

Diamond Selection

We have access to 90% more diamond inventory than you are able to shop and see online. That’s good news for you. We will curate a custom selection of options for you ensuring your specifications and budget are met. If you have your own stone, that will save you a step. We work with heirloom stones frequently and can customize a setting to give your stone new life.

Custom engagement rings and jewelry by Battisti Jewelers
Step 3 Custom Engagement Rings

Designing & Handcrafting your jewelry

We work closely with you, whether you are local or long-distance, to design and manufacture your new jewelry. We do everything from start to finish in-house. This ensures that we can guarantee our quality standards are upheld. This is how we create jewelry that will last a lifetime.



Choosing a Diamond

When it comes to the design of your engagement ring, an important aspect to consider is the diamond cut. The cut, or shape of your diamond, certainly comes down to personal taste. However, we are happy to help guide you in your choice based on your ideas. Some shapes work better than others in certain cases, and should you need assistance, we will be happy to help guide you. 

Diamond Shapes and Cuts at Battisti Jewelers